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Senator ‘Data Pass’ Now Sets Sights on Data Brokers

When the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) speaks, Sen. Jay Rockefeller (D-WV), chairman of the U.S. Senate Commerce Committee and self-styled “champion of consumer privacy,” apparently listens. Two years ago, with the help and encouragement of the FTC, Rockefeller led passage … Continue reading

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Court Orders DRTV Vets to Pay $480M, Bans Them for Life

In May, I reported on the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) victory against DRTV veterans Gary Hewitt and Doug Gravink and their company, Family Products LLC, in FTC v. John Beck Amazing Profits et al. Hewitt and Gravink sold real estate … Continue reading

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Judge Zaps FTC for ‘Unnecessary Overreaching’ Against POM Wonderful

As previously noted in this space, the current, hyper-aggressive Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has been flexing its muscles and testing the limits of its power in ways that have heightened regulatory risk for the online and direct response marketer. This … Continue reading

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