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Yet Another Appeals Court Rejects the FTC’s Monetary Authority

With the Supreme Court set to decide once and for all the issue of the Federal Trade Commission’s monetary authority this term, and with federal district courts already whittling away at it under the Court’s decision last term in Liu … Continue reading

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CBD: Marching Toward Legality and Equality in California

Since I reported in January (“CBD is Now Legal – Kind of, Sort Of”) that the march toward legalization of hemp-derived CBD following Congressional decriminalization in last December’s Farm Bill had hit a road bump at the FDA, forward momentum toward mainstreaming the “miracle” molecule has resumed at a quickened pace ever since. In May, the FDA, which had declared CBD still to be illegal under its laws despite criminalization because CBD is a “drug,” held a public forum to receive input from the hemp industry and other stakeholders for a new high-level internal agency working group charged with exploring “pathways” toward legalization of hemp-derived CBD in the nation’s food supply. Last month, the USDA, which has jurisdiction over the cultivation of hemp, announced that it would be accelerating its schedule for promulgation of a federal regulatory plan for hemp production from next year to next month, while states that have the option of developing their own regulatory plans or complying with the federal one continue to work on theirs. Continue reading

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FTC Launches Coast-to-Coast ‘Biz-Op’ Rule Blitz

From Vermont to California and Oregon to Florida, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has wasted no time enforcing its beefed up Business Opportunity (“Biz-Op”) Rule. Last month, it filed its first six cases across the country (three are the author’s) … Continue reading

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