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Reversing Prior Losses, FTC Scores a Win in its RCT Crusade

As I have written before (see past posts at, it is no secret that the Federal Trade Commission’s substantiation policy on health claims, including for dietary supplements, is that the only acceptable form of substantiation is a randomized, placebo-controlled … Continue reading

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FTC Busts “Fake Influencer” Racket

As the marketing power of social influencers has grown, so has the Federal Trade Commission’s desire to have influence, by monitoring and attacking deception in influencer marketing.  In legal actions against both advertisers using influencers and the influencers themselves, the … Continue reading

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FTC To Review Its Negative Option Rules. It’s About Time!

No marketing method has incurred the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission, with more dire consequences (asset freezes, receiverships, ruinous monetary judgments) to the targets of its wrath, than continuity, subscription or auto-renewal plans containing a “negative option” feature (under … Continue reading

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