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William I. Rothbard is a former FTC attorney and practices in Los Angeles, specializing in advertising and marketing law. He can be reached at (310) 453-8713,, and

FTC To Review Its Negative Option Rules. It’s About Time!

No marketing method has incurred the wrath of the Federal Trade Commission, with more dire consequences (asset freezes, receiverships, ruinous monetary judgments) to the targets of its wrath, than continuity, subscription or auto-renewal plans containing a “negative option” feature (under … Continue reading

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The FTC Warns CBD Marketers a Second Time About False Health Claims

In December, it will be a year since Congress, as part of the “Farm Bill,” legalized hemp-derived CBD containing less than 0.3% THC (the psychoactive compound that distinguishes hemp from its cannabis cousin, marijuana, which remains on the ban list). With this green light, and the new surge of momentum it was bound to give to the “CBD Rush,” I predicted that the Federal Trade Commission, which had been on the sidelines as long as CBD was a banned substance under the jurisdiction of the Drug Enforcement Administration, would get in the game. Continue reading

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FTCAdLaw’s Rothbard Opposes “Trojan Horse” Consumer Lending Law in California

In a recent op-ed in the San Francisco Chronicle, entitled, “Supposed Payday Loan Reform is a License for Predatory Lending,, FTCAdLaw’s William Rothbard unmasked consumer lending legislation then pending in the California Legislature that pretended to be pro-consumer but in … Continue reading

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